Garden Center

Plant Materials

  • ☘ Trees
  • ☘ Shrubs
  • ☘ Perennials
  • ☘ Flower and Vegetable Seeds
  • ☘ Spring Flowering Bulbs
  • ☘ Annuals
  • ☘ Ground Covers

Planting Supplies

  • ☘ Topsoil
  • ☘ Manure
  • ☘ Peat Moss
  • ☘ Compost
  • ☘ Potting Soil
  • ☘ Cedar Bark and Hardwood Mulch
  • ☘ Stone Mulch
  • ☘ Screened Topsoil
  • ☘ Hardwood Bark Mulch

Garden Décor

An ever changing selection of Garden Art, Gifts, and Practical Items with an artistic flair!

Plant & Lawn Care Products

  • ☘ Fertilizers for all your gardening needs
  • ☘ Assortment of gardening hand tools
  • ☘ Gardening gloves
  • ☘ Insect and Disease Control Products
  • ☘ Clay Pots and Saucers
  • ☘ Window Box Planters
  • ☘ Trellises

Bird Supplies

  • ☘ Feeders
  • ☘ Seed
  • ☘ Birdhouses


  • ☘ Repotting Plants
  • ☘ Creating Custom Planters
  • ☘ Delivery and Planting
  • ☘ Garden Design
  • ☘ Plant and Pest Identification
  • ☘ Plant Finder Service

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Alpine Nursery NJ


Phone : 973-450-9140
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Alpine Nursery NJ


Alpine Nursery & Garden Center
291 Main Street
Belleville, NJ 07109

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What People Say About us

Alpine Nursery Testimonials
Shawn Juliano Foresta
5 star reviews on Alpine Nursery NJ
Nice people, nice flowers! Been going there for years. Flowers, vegatables, shrubs, fruit trees and my Christmas tree! Best ever!
Jason Barardo
5 star reviews on Alpine Nursery NJ
Fast service, guy was nice and friendly, brought the tree to my car and even gave me a plastic bag for the pot so dirt didn't get on my floor, and explained to me how to plant it. No complaints here.
Cristiano Rezende
5 star reviews on Alpine Nursery NJ
Beautiful flowers and very helpful staff.
Ruben Seda
5 star reviews on Alpine Nursery NJ
Good customer service, they really seem to know what they were talking about, and helped us pick plants that were appropriate for the lighting in each room.
Erick B
5 star reviews on Alpine Nursery NJ
Excellent source of a diverse selection of healthy pants